The Cavalieri del Lavoro

The Cavalieri del Lavoro are business men and women decorated with the Ordine al “Merito del Lavoro” (Order of Merit for Labour) by the President of the Italian Republic. The title “Cavaliere del Lavoro” is recognition for results obtained in the world of business, the creation of development and jobs but above all for the commitment to ethical and social responsibility aimed at improving living and working conditions in Italy.

Many great personalities from the Italian economy and pioneers of early technical and scientific industrialisation, creators of the “economic miracle” and the social development of the country and the affirmation of “made in Italy” and business culture have been Cavalieri del Lavoro. Amongst them Guglielmo Marconi and Angelo Salmoiraghi, Gaetano Marzotto, Giovanni Battista Pirelli, Giovanni Agnelli and Giovanni Treccani.

Ordine al Merito del Lavoro (Order of “Merit for Labour”)

The “Merit for Labour” knighthood was introduced by King Vittorio Emanuele III of Italy in 1901. Today the decoration is bestowed by the President of the Italian Republic who appoints 25 new Cavalieri del Lavoro on Republic Day (2nd June) each year.

Since 1901, 2,797 Cavalieri del Lavoro have been appointed.
This site contains over 2,500 profiles of Cavalieri del Lavoro (in Italian).

Federazione Nazionale dei Cavalieri del Lavoro (The National Federation of Cavalieri del Lavoro)

All Cavalieri del Lavoro can become members of the National Federation of Cavalieri del Lavoro once they have received the Order of Merit for Labour.

The President of the National Federation of Cavalieri del Lavoro is Maurizio Sella.

The main activities of the Federation are (all links are in Italian):